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Air Admittance Valves

When water flows from a sink, shower/tub, toilet, or other plumbing fixture down waste water pipes and out of the house, it pulls air with it.  Thus, a source of “make-up” air is required for the proper flow of your plumbing.

Air admittance valves (AAVs) are one-way valves that make it possible for make-up air to flow from your home into your plumbing waste water pipes without allowing air in those pipes to flow into the home.  Unlike conventional plumbing, AAVs avoid winter heat loss.


Unique, patented design can serve as individual, branch, circuit or stack vent.  Residential or commercial use.  Multiple sizes for 1.5” to 4” pipe.  Limited lifetime warranty for replacement of defective valves.  Tee, recessed box, and other specialty applications.

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