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Electric Resistance

Electric resistance heating can be 100 percent efficient as well as easy and relatively inexpensive to install and operate.

New electric resistance heating systems allow choices far beyond just electric resistance baseboard heaters.

These heaters are typically for a single room, and they deliver heat in a combination of three ways.

First, the electric resistance element may simply radiate heat to objects including people.  Radiant heat is the heat we feel from the sun on a cold winter day.  Or from a campfire at night.  Whether you are near to or far from the radiant heater, the radiant heat strikes your body.

Second, some electric resistance heater primarily heat the air that passes through and around them.  As the air is warmed, it is less dense that cooler air which displaces the warm air and causes a vertical current of warm air above the heater.  These convection heaters are quiet because they passively distribute the warm air without a fan blowing the air.

Third, some electric resistance heaters use a fan to move air across the hot wires and into the space you want heated.

And some of these heaters deliver the heat by a combination of two means, e.g. radiant and convection or convection plus fan.