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Smart Thermostats for Mini-splits

Smart thermostats use wired and wireless connections to space heating and cooling equipment of all kinds. From furnaces to boilers. However, for the high-performance or Passive House, you may have a ductless heat pump also known as a mini-split (see Heat Pumps).

Smart t-stats have been designed for optimal control of mini-split heat pumps. They have similar capabilities (programmable, Wi-Fi-enabled, geographic location control, and automatic learning), but they take over controls by wireless communication directly with the indoor head of your mini-split.

Just as your mini-split may have a remote control which uses infrared signals to control your mini-split, these smart t-stats use the same infrared signal technology to directly control your mini-split.

Some Smart Thermostats on our other page may be able to control your mini-split, but those on this page are designed specifically to control mini-splits as well as through-wall heat pumps like you see in motel rooms, window air conditioners, and even portable room air conditioners.